Gas Pipeline

Natural Gas Transportation & Storage

Operating approximately 15,000 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines, Williams provides safe, reliable natural gas transportation to heat homes and generate electricity across the nation.

Williams operates three natural gas transmission pipelines. Together, these pipelines deliver approximately 14 percent of the natural gas consumed in the United States. With a combined design capacity of more than 14 billion cubic feet per day, these three pipelines transport enough natural gas in one day to serve the needs of more than 30 million homes.

Northwest Pipeline
Miles of pipe: 3,900
Main office: Salt Lake City
Major markets: Seattle, Portland

Miles of pipe: 10,000
Main office: Houston
Major markets: New York City, Mid-Atlantic region, Atlanta

Miles of pipe: 745
Main office: Tampa
Major markets: Florida

Note: Most of Williams’ interstate gas pipeline assets are owned by Williams Partners L.P. (NYSE:WPZ), one of the largest energy master limited partnerships in the country. Williams owns approximately 75 percent of Williams Partners, including the controlling general partner interest.